Shibo - Things Are Good

Things Are Good


The six track debut EP recorded and produced between 2017-2019. This project was finished entirely in a West LA bedroom and mastered at Stones Throw Studio. Album art by Hugo Shiboski.

Nick Dorian - Hamburg Style

Hamburg Style

Nick Dorian

Debut project from Nick Dorian.

Credits: Production, Engineering, Bass, Guitar, Mix

Nick Dorian - Planet Stardom

Planet Stardom

Nick Dorian

Welcome to Planet Stardom. First full-length album from Nick Dorian, released 2018. 

Credits: Production, Engineering, Bass, Guitar, Mix

Nick Dorian & Shibo - My Friend Dorian

My Friend Dorian

Nick Dorian and Shibo

The newest release from Dorian and Shibo, a 5 track 'Bubblegum Funk' EP recorded and released in 2019.

Credits: Production, Engineering, Bass, Guitar, Mix

Shibo feat Nick Dorian - pH


Shibo feat. Nick Dorian

The psychadelic breakout single released 2018. Art by Hugo Shiboski, Shibo's younger brother and creative partner. Can you feel the chemistry?

Credits: All except vocal performance

Shibo - Getaway



Debut Shibo single released with Majestic Casual Records in early 2018.

Steve Arrington - Down To The Lowest Terms

Down To The Lowest Terms: The Soul Sessions

Steve Arrington

"Keep Dreaming" and "Workin On It" feature beats from the Things Are Good project.

Credits: Production

Kiefer - Kickinit Alone

Kickinit Alone


Shibo can be heard on track 9 'Most Beautiful Girl' playing guitar.

Credits: Guitar

Tkay Maidza - LYWW Vol. II

Last Year Was Weird Vol. 2

Tkay Maidza

PB Jam was originally a beat made in 2018, and became a song during a session with Tkay and Dan Farber that same year.

Credits: Production, Instruments

Jay Prince

Late Summers

Jay Prince

Jay Prince discovered the beat for his track 'I Believe In You' on Shibo's instagram. The track was completed remotely during 2017.

Credits: Production, Bass


Shay Lia

Track 10 'So Brand New' was the result of a remote collaboration with Montreal-based Shay Lia.

Credits:Production and Instruments



Slom is a versatile and talented producer from Korea who's been a frequent collaborator. Shibo can be heard playing bass on the track 'Drive'

Credits: Bass

No Holding Back

Goldenair feat. Shibo

Credits:Bass, Synths, Co-Production



Credits:Bass, Co-Production

For Free


Credits: Bass

Wishful Thinking

Sleepy House

Credits: Bass